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Adhesive glue
The glue I recommend using.

Aluminium conductor foil
The foil material I recommend

Aluminium L-profiles
An important element in my construction design

Construction materials
A list of materials needed linked to the corresponding pages

How to build the simple crossover needed for the project

Magnetostatic Loudspeaker frequently asked questions

Loudspeaker Links
Related sites and interesting links

The magnets and their characteristics

MDF Plate or the Frame
The wooden frame that’ll hold the whole thing up

The most delicate element in the design

Membrane design
Here you need to do your home work well

Membrane tips
How about receiving a bit of advise, you might avoid some mistakes I did

Membrane material
The material I recommend you use and how to test it

My experience
Ashort account of the personal experiences in this project

My building recipe
My personal recipe to Hi-fi heaven

Original building recipe
The original Danish recipe

Perforated Iron plate
This part will hold the magnets behind the membrane

Practical tips
Some very useful and practical tips on the LaFolia subject

The high frecuency elements in the LaFolia speakers