LaFolia Magnetostatic Ribbon Loudspeaker Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the membrane-conductor material dimensions?

  • Membrane material: Mylar Film 12 micrometers (0.012 mm)
  • Alu-foil: aprox. 12 micrometers (0.012 mm)
  • Total width: 0.024mm

Did you use a different material for the mid-tweeter membrane?

I used the same combination on both the woofer and mid+tweeter.

Do you corrugate the bass membrane?

By using the thin aluminium material I had no reason to worry about rattling which is the reason why there was no need to corrugate in any way. Thicker aluminium foil may have problems but I can not be sure.

I have found another material than mylar for the membrane base, what should I take care about?

Do not forget to test the base plastic (mylar, kapton, kevlar, etc) foil for humidity variations in the tension. Take a piece, extend it over a cup or anything like that, stretch it and then check it when you go into a sauna (or some place humid) with it. If the tension is maintained its alright, if not change the material.

Can’t find the right aluminium foil, not wide enough…

Have you tried going to the packaging companies in the US. I went to a chocolate – candy factory and got a meter and a half wide roll of chocolate alum on waxpaper material.

Based on what you say on your site, the Woofer ribbon is probably the most tricky one to make, why?

More than tricky it requires a lot of work and is a very delicate job if something goes wrong you can destroy a lot of work…

How are Apogee- Magnepan – Martin Logan – Dali – etc. loudspeaker compared to yours? Have you ever heard Apogee- Magnepan – Martin Logan – Dali – etc speakers before?

Just indirectly, never been in front of a pair of factory built magnetostatic nor electrostatic loudspeakers. I left Denmark a year before even trying LaFolia and in Chile there are not enough hifi freaks to justify anybody bringing Apogee speakers to the country, now I’m in Mexico but I would have to travel to the capital or the US, one day I may sit in front of a pair and give my opinion. 🙂 (Update: That did not happen, though I did enjoy a pair of Martin Logan’s – not the same thing though).

How can you tell on a magnet which is North pole and which is South pole?

Look for the polar bears! That’s the North pole! 🙂 hehehe… well I don’t know the exact way (a magnetometer?), just define one pole as North and the other as South and go on based on that asumption, it really doesn’t change anything. In my case I took one magnet wrote N on one side and S on the other and I used that reference magnet to coordinate all the others.

How did you corrugate the mid-tweeter membrane?

I used a lego plate and a stick. Others have created weird high-tech machines to do this job, I don’t have the money for that 🙂

Have you had any experience using electrical coils instead of magnets?