The Aluminium L-Profiles (plate support)

You yourself will have to figure out the L-Profiles you’ll need and their specs.

Remember to include the aluminium profile’s width when you are figuring out the hole for your perforated plate.

Also take into account that this is the solution I found to the design problem I encountered when I chose to use a very thick wood plate as the frame for the loudspeaker.

Your requirements may be completely different, this is part of the fun. You design and adapt the project to your conditions.

I would now recommend going for a thinner wood plate, more like the original design. The air moved by the thin membrane and its own intrinsic weight does not justify using such a thick piece of wood, plus the plate itself adds to the weight and sturdiness of the frame that supports the membranes.

Once you have the magnets and membrane, choose the wood thickness so you can sandwich the magnets between the membrane and iron plate directly on the wooden frame.

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